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As a 2nd generation homebuilder and an independent contractor for 30 years, the priorities – in any order – have always been:

  • Listen to the customer
  • Keep open communications between my company and other project members
  • Complete the job on time
  • Stick to the quoted price
  • Provide an excellent product
  • Maintain a high degree of understanding of the industry

By implementing these priorities we have come to know that there is no customer like a happy customer.

And yes, that includes you!

We are aware the homebuilding process can be intimidating, and we are there to assist you.  From choosing or designing your custom home to the final stage of finishing it, we are with you every step of the way.  We’ve got your back.

We have a limited number of building lots available.  Whether in town and close to amenities or in a rural area with a breathtaking view of the Big Horn Mountains, we can help you design the home that is perfect for you.

From multi-family apartment buildings to airport hangars, from diversion dams to quonset hut barns, we have done a vast array of different style buildings.  Contact us with details of your special project; there is a good chance we have already built something similar or know the details of how to get it done!

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-Roy in 1999

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The family’s building skills began when Roy’s uncle started working on a framing crew in northern California in 1974, where quality and speed were the 2 focal points.  It was mandatory that 2 men were let go each week, and Neal set out to be so invaluable he would never be fired.  His determination paid off, and he was retained for as long as he wished to be.  He began working with his brother Jack and the two of them made an amazing crew, going on to build multi-million dollar homes in Nevada and Washington. 

Roy learned the trade in his early years from his dad and uncle and has devoted his life to continuing the same commitment to quality.  He also focuses on aesthetics and economic feasibility for the homeowner.  Roy has built homes in the greater Detroit, MI area; Las Vegas, NV; St. George, UT;  Seattle, WA; and Ogden, UT,  For the last 25 years he has built  beautiful, quality homes in Greybull, WY, and the surrounding Big Horn Basin.

Roy Petersen



Roy learned the trade in his early years from his dad and uncle and has devoted his life to continuing the same commitment to quality.

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